Samhita Alla
Samhita Alla

Airflow vs. Flyte Cheat Sheet

This Airflow vs. Flyte cheat sheet comes on the heels of two blog posts that consider Apache's Airflow orchestration engine in the context of Flyte: Orchestrating Data Pipelines at Lyft: Comparing Flyte and Airflow and Scale Airflow for Machine Learning Tasks With the Flyte Airflow Provider.

We've put this cheat sheet together for two reasons: To differentiate Flyte from Airflow and to illustrate the ease with which Flyte enables building data/ML pipelines. The cheat sheet will serve as a quick reference guide for Airflow users who want to understand how the Flytekit (Flyte's Python SDK) syntax compares with the Airflow syntax, and identify differences in terminology and CLI commands.

You can download the cheat sheet at (Last Updated: November 2022.)

Refer to the Flyte cheat sheet if you want to drill down into the Flyte features.

If Flyte looks interesting to you