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Flyte office hours

Ask Flyte maintainers anything about Flyte!

Contributors meetup

The Flyte team, contributors and members of the technical steering committee convene every other week on Thursdays for discussions regarding new RFCs, features, integrations and significant updates.

Built by the community, for the community

MLOps framework to build and deploy ML microservices, built on top of Flyte.

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A VSCode extension to create, register and run Flyte workflows.

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Javascript SDK for Flyte.

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An open-source biocomputing SDK — powered by Flyte.

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LF AI & Data Foundation

Flyte is a graduate project of the LF AI & Data Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting open-source projects in the AI and data space. The graduation stage signifies that the project has met certain criteria, such as a robust number of code contributions, adherence to OpenSSF best practices, and more. With a high level of maturity in engineering practices and successful implementation at multiple organizations, Flyte has established a strong open-source community. We invite you to join us as a user and contributor on GitHub.