Flyte for machine learning

House all your ML orchestration needs

ML orchestration can be complex and involve heterogeneous workflows. Your orchestration platform should be a backbone for all your ML workflows. Flyte lets you customize and extend workflows however you want with a heavy dose of infrastructure abstraction.

Flyte for machine learning

“One of the biggest reasons we picked Flyte was because it is ideologically aligned with what we think all MLOps systems should have: strong lineage guarantees.”

— Jake Neyer, Software Engineer at Striveworks

Bridge the gap between scalability and ease of use

Model development made easy

Onboarding your ML workflows on an orchestration platform shouldn’t be a struggle. Flyte has out-of-the-box integrations to ease your way into managing them. It supports distributed training using Horovod and Kubeflow operators; data processing with Spark; ML monitoring through whylogs; and more integrations for simplifying model development. Flyte also bridges the gap between data science and low-level infrastructure setup to make model development a breeze.

Model development made easy
Break down ML silos

Break down ML silos

Development of ML models often requires collaboration among teams. It may involve working on different parts of the model training process as a team or managing multiple models simultaneously. A centralized orchestration platform like Flyte enables data and ML engineers to work in isolated environments while still facilitating collaboration. That’s essential to smooth progress with no communication breakdowns.

Build reproducible ML models

ML models often exhibit non-deterministic behavior. Flyte lets you serialize your models and store them on cloud so you can associate them with different versions of your runs. Track the lineage of all your ML experiments and those of your team members, and rerun them as needed for reproducibility.

Versioned workflows

A platform for every orchestration use case

Flyte is a versatile solution that can help you address any custom orchestration challenge, not just those related to machine learning.

💾 Data

Build scalable and robust data workflows faster with strongly typed interfaces and data provenance.

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📈 Analytics

Analyze and visualize trends and patterns in your data with native data-crunchers and FlyteDecks.

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🧬 Bioinformatics

Generate biological insights faster by collaborating on a centralized platform.

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🙋 Your Use Case

Build Flyte workflows to effectively address your orchestration challenge.

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