Modern AI Orchestration

Treating AI and data workflows the same is holding you back

Many organizations have found that the requirements for AI pipelines are significantly more complex than traditional ETL pipelines.

Modern AI orchestration meets the demands of today’s workloads, which make dynamic use of heterogenous and resource-intensive infrastructures. With efficiency, scalability, ease of use and agility, modern AI orchestration empowers organizations to optimize and automate pipeline management.

What is Modern AI Orchestration?

Why Flyte is the modern AI orchestration platform

Flyte is a modern and lean workflow orchestration platform that enables you to build production-grade AI pipelines. One of Flyte’s primary strengths is the ability to seamlessly unify teams and technology stacks, fostering collaboration among data scientists and ML engineers.

Its focus on scalability enables handling large datasets and efficiently scheduling on resource-intensive infrastructure in distributed environments.

What makes Flyte modern

A unifying fabric

Unify your data, ML pipelines, infrastructure and teams on a single, integrated platform.

Seamless scalability

Grow your pipelines effortlessly from 10 to 10,000 and beyond. Experience unparalleled ease of scalability.

Declarative infrastructure

Define your desired infrastructure configuration, and let Flyte handle the implementation.

Abstracted data flow

Automate the process of uploading and downloading data from remote blob storage.

Extensibility at its core

Integrate Flyte with the tools you love.

Ease of use

Just add @task and @workflow decorators to your native Python code.

Community testimonials

“I really think Flyte has got the model correct, absolutely correct with respect to architecting and deploying workflows as both code first and leveraging the Kubernetes scheduler to abstract away the scheduling on a per-task granularity.”

— Kenny Workman, Co-founder and CTO at LatchBio

“We’re going to have 10,000-plus CPUs that we plan to use every day to process the raw data. There’ll be 30 different targets approximately that we’re collecting data on every day. That’s about 200 GB of raw data and probably 2 TB or so on the output — a lot of data process. We’re leaning heavily on Flyte to make that happen.”

— Nicholas LoFaso, Senior Platform Software Engineer at MethaneSAT

“When you write Python scripts, everything runs and takes a certain amount of time, whereas now for free we get parallelism across tasks. Our data scientists think that's really cool.”

— Dylan Wilder, Engineering Manager at Spotify

“Given the scale at which some of these tasks run, compute can get really expensive. So being able to add an interruptible argument to the task decorator for certain tasks has been really useful to cut costs.”

— Jeev Balakrishnan, Software Engineer at Freenome

“We get a lot of reusable workflows, and it makes it fairly easy to share complex machine learning and different dependencies between teams without actually having to put all the dependencies into one container.”

— Bernhard Stadlbauer, Data Engineer at Pachama

Versatility in the DNA

Flyte is the modern orchestration platform that addresses all your custom orchestration challenges simply and efficiently.

🤖 Machine Learning

Ease your way into orchestrating ML workflows with a heavy dose of infrastructure abstraction.

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📈 Analytics

Analyze and visualize trends and patterns in your data with native data-crunchers and FlyteDecks.

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🧬 Bioinformatics

Generate biological insights faster by collaborating on a centralized platform.

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💾 Data

Build scalable and robust data workflows faster with strongly typed interfaces and data provenance.

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