Samhita Alla
Samhita Alla

Meet Flyte at Hacktoberfest 2021

Open-source is growing fast, so are its contributors. At Flyte, we have had meaningful contributions from many contributors who have helped us improve Flyte’s codebase and made us think through unseen perspectives. We have always wanted to have more such contributions to expand our horizons. We have been thinking about ways to get more people involved, and at the same time, give back to our community.

We know that October is the month of the year when open-source is the most alive. Revealing Hacktoberfest 2021!

About Hacktoberfest


Hacktoberfest is the month-long event held in October to celebrate open-source software, which is when you can contribute to open-source software irrespective of what you do. It indeed is an excellent opportunity to develop your skills, and most importantly, win limited edition swag 🎁.

This year, we’re beyond thrilled to be a part of it. ✨

About Flyte


Flyte is an open-source, container-native, structured programming and distributed processing platform. It enables highly concurrent, scalable, and maintainable workflows for machine learning and data processing.

We at Flyte are constantly striving to make MLOps better by providing off-the-shelf orchestration mechanisms to automate the way you build pipelines. Ours is a Kubernetes-native and type-safe platform—which we are super proud of!

Though what Flyte encompasses is enormous, we made sure your onboarding process is easy, so fret not! And with the tremendous growth rate of MLOps with its increased adoption, who doesn’t want to be part of a vibrant community and have some contributions flowing along the MLOps space?

Quick Start

So here’s the deal 🤝. Solve a challenge and win cool swag!

To get started:

  1. Sign up to Hacktoberfest here
  2. Find all the relevant issues
  3. Start creating pull requests
  4. Fill out this form
  5. Grab Your Swag (there’s a special swag, too! 🎉)


We have a couple of repos under Flyte that you can contribute to.

GitHub Repo/TopicScopeTechnologiesIssues
FlyteDeployment & DocumentationHelm, Kustomize & RSTIssues
FlytekitPython SDK & IntegrationsPythonIssues
FlytesnacksUser Guide & TutorialsPython, SphinxIssues
FlyteconsoleAdmin ConsoleUI/UX, TypeScriptIssues
FlytectlStandalone Flyte CLIGolangIssues
HousekeepingCleanup the messy code!CI/CD, Golang, PythonIssues

Additionally, you can help us with*:

BlogsA blog can be about a Flyte feature, any machine learning, data processing, feature engineering Flyte add-ons you have worked on and would like to showcase, etc. We have compiled a list of blog ideas here. But of course, there's no shortage of topics—let us know if you have ideas! You can find some of our blogs at
VideosWe have been including some videos alongside our docs. Let us know if you would be willing to help us out. Here are some ideas.

* You wouldn't be receiving any Hacktoberfest swag for the additional topics. However, Flyte will recognize your contribution and give away some super cool gifts!

Btw, feel free to create new issues and submit the concerning PRs. We admire creative minds! Make sure to add Hacktoberfest label to your issue and PR title.

Grab Your Swag 🎁

Every contribution is valued. How? We are going to give a shout-out to every contributor! 📣

And... let's not forget the give-aways 🤣:

  • Mugs
  • T-shirts
  • Vouchers
  • The North Face Jackets ✨ (for real!)
The North Face Jackets(3).png

What do you have to do to claim swag?

  • 2 merged/accepted pull requests to receive a mug
  • 3+ merged/accepted pull requests or a video to receive a Flyte t-shirt
  • Full-fledged flytekit integration or a blog to receive a voucher or "The North Face" jacket.

The first 15 contributors will get a mug irrespective of the number of merged pull requests.

Don't forget to fill out this form after you are done with either of the challenges, on or before October 31st, 2021.

If your contribution adds value to Flyte heavily, we will customize your swag and add you as a Flyte contributor 🥳 !

Let the contributions be coming!


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to chat with us on Slack. We have a #hacktoberfest2021 channel that you can hop into!

Explore our GitHub repos and give us a star ⭐️ here if you like what you see 👀.

If you want to know what's happening with Flyte, check out our Twitter or Slack.