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We are grateful to all Flyte contributors, and we would like to thank you for your support.
Flyte is a community product. Our contributors have been showering us with ideas and contributions since the beginning of the project. We rely on these contributions to constantly improve Flyte, and we've been thinking of ways to give back to our community, for all the work that's being done to make Flyte even better.
This is where our acknowledgement program comes in. Based on the amount and types of contributions you've made, you'll receive a special badge and swag.
Flyte Pilot

A strong advocate of Flyte who makes significant contributions through plugins, blogs, features and bug fixes. You are a Pilot who steers Flyte.

Swag: The North Face® Jacket

Flyte Host

A consistent contributor of features and plugins to the core codebase, documentation, blogs, and bug fixes.

Swag: Voucher or T-Shirt

Flyte Passenger

A contributor who improves documentation and squashes bugs.

Swag: Mug

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Note: Contributions are evaluated once per month, and the authors of contributions will be notified on an individual basis.