Flyte Community Sync: February

We are excited to share two great talks in this month's Flyte Community Sync!

1. The Flyte journey at Wallapop

Martí Jordá Roca, ML Engineer at Wallapop will talk about how Wallapop, the top second hand marketplace in Spain, has implemented Flyte to manage machine learning pipelines. We will see the history of Wallapop implementing machine learning models, from the beginning when the models where deployed manually to the current days with the implementation of the ML Platform and the use of Flyte. Marti will share why they have chosen Flyte, how they have implemented it, the challenges and its future.

2. FlyIn Plugin: Develop ML models interactively on Flyte

Join this session by Byron Hsu (ML Infra at LinkedIn) and Troy Chiu, (Flyte committer) to learn how to leverage the FlyIn plugin to develop interactively and greatly boost productivity.

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