Flyte at Toronto Machine Learning Summit Sponsored by Union

Flyte will be at the Toronto Machine Learning Summit this year sponsored by Union! 

Union’s booth at the event will be showcasing Flyte, and Niels Bantilan will be running a virtual workshop on June 12th at 12PM ET on Fine-Tuning Language Models with Declarative ML Orchestration using Flyte! Be sure to tune in to learn about how you can use Flyte with LLMs!

There will also be plenty of Flyte swag given out at the booth and a raffle for a 1-year O’Reilly Online Learning subscription, so stop by for all things Flyte!

If you missed out, feel free to check out the workshop recording here:

Additional workshop resources:

👉 Slides
👉 Flyte Docs
👉 8-bit quantization Notebook
👉 LoRA Notebook
👉 Repo
👉 Simple Inference Notebook
👉 Model Evaluation Notebook

We also hosted a raffle that gave participants the opportunity to win a one-year subscription to O'Reilly Online Learning as well as Flyte crewnecks! Through a random draw, the following winners were selected: 

If you’d like to know more about Flyte or Union Cloud, here are some ways to learn and get connected to the community!