Flyte at MLOps World 2023

The Union team is thrilled to sponsor the 4th Annual MLOps World Conference on Machine Learning in Production 2023 happening from October 24-26 at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin, TX.

Virtual Workshop: Learn Your Codebase: Fine-tuning CodeLlama with Flyte to Learn Flyte

Check out our virtual workshop on October 24 from 12:30 PM - 2:00 CST hosted by Niels Bantilan, Chief ML Engineer at Union, on how to use Flyte, a Linux Foundation open-source orchestration platform, to fine-tune a CodeLlama on the Flyte codebase itself. Attendees will gain hands-on experience using Flyte to leverage state-of-the-art deep learning tools such as `torchrun` distributed training, LoRA, 4/8-bit quantization, and FSDP, while benefiting from Flyte’s reproducibility, versioning, and cost management capabilities. 

At the end of this talk, you’ll be able to take the code and adapt it to learn your own code base to help to answer user-support questions, create boilerplate starter code, or whatever downstream task you’re interested in.

If you have any questions about Flyte or would love to learn more, stop by booth #23 to speak with our team. We’re passionate about helping practitioners make the most of their data and machine learning projects, and we look forward to engaging with attendees and sharing our expertise with the community. Feel free to reach out to us on Slack if you plan on attending and would like to set up a 1:1 with one of our team members. We look forward to hearing all about your current ML projects and initiatives.

Resources to the workshop