The Workflow Automation Platform for Complex, Mission-Critical Data and Machine Learning Processes at Scale

Flyte makes it easy to create concurrent, scalable, and maintainable workflows for machine learning and data processing.
Flyte is used in production at Lyft, Spotify, Freenome and others. At Lyft, Flyte has been serving production model training and data processing for over four years, becoming the de-facto platform for teams like Pricing, Locations, ETA, Mapping, Autonomous, and more. In fact, Flyte manages over 10,000 unique workflows at Lyft, totaling over 1,000,000 executions every month, 20 million tasks, and 40 million containers.

0+ Users
1,000,000+ Executions
20,000,000+ Tasks
40,000,000+ Containers

Battle-Tested and Truly Open-Source

Built for Resiliency

Flyte has been battle-tested at Lyft, Spotify, Freenome, and others. It is entirely open-source with an Apache 2.0 license under the Linux Foundation with a cross-industry overseeing committee.

Write Code, Not YAML!

Leave the infrastructure to us

Configuring Machine Learning and Data workflows can get complex and error-prone with YAML. Flyte provides intuitive, user-friendly SDKs to get the workflows up and running in no time.

Start Small, Scale Seamlessly

Execute locally

Deploy to a Kubernetes cluster

Run on demand

Flyte is a Kubernetes-native workflow automation platform to unify data and ML processes. The containerized, microservices-based architecture does not have a single point of failure and is resilient by design.

Automated Lineage Tracking and Caching

Reduce execution time

Backtrack to the error-source

Cache repeated actions across multiple executions. Track all the generated data and visualize the data dependencies.

Controlled Extensibility

Great for platform builders

  • Use built-in platform extensions like AWS Sagemaker, Distributed Pytorch, Distributed TensorFlow, AWS Batch, Kubernetes Pods, Containers, or use an extension of your own.
  • Add a Python extension by simply extending a single class.
  • Add a new language SDK.

Facilitate Collaboration

Build together on one platform

Flyte makes it easy to stitch together workflows from different teams and domain experts. It simplifies the complexity of multi-step, multi-owner workflows.

Build Self-Service Data Platform

Break down data silos

Empower teams to self-service their data and ML pipelines while maintaining a centralized infrastructure platform that enables secure governance.


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